Modern JS weekend Modern JS weekend

TBA, 2020

An intensive educational weekend
with top developers you can attend for free



Learn to build homepage

Fetch data via GraphQL, create React components and make it all alive in Next.js framework. Ensure it works due to end to end tests and setup continuous deployment process.


The mentors are top JavaScript engineers, more people will be announced soon 


Entry task

The capacity of the hands-on educational weekend is limited to 20 people. We will choose the 20 best candidates based on the solution of the entry task.


What skills do I need to be able to join the weekend?

You need to solve our entry task and be confident with programming in JavaScript.

Do you provide accommodation?

We don’t provide accommodation.

Is there any fee to pay?

The whole weekend is free of charge and sponsored by

Other question

Please send us an email at


Open till TBA